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FOMY Classic Foam Soap 300 ML

Thanks to its special formula, it provides an ideal cleaning with its high quality foam. It is ideal for controlled use, safe and healthy cleaning and intensive use. It provides permanence with the top note with the scent of citrus, eucalyptus and rosemary, with the middle note with its herbal, mint, floral scent, and with the base note with its woody scent. With these features, Fomy classic hand cleaning foam is now indispensable for you.
It is compatible with skin with a pH of 5.5. Thanks to its one unit creamy foam offered by its magic pump, it leaves a silky and soft pleasant feeling on the skin. Paraben free. It has passed all tests in accordance with the cosmetic regulation. It is both easy and practical to clean and purify. With its “special pump”, it is five times more economical than liquid soaps. Our products are produced in accordance with the cosmetic and biocidal regulations. Dermatological, microbiological, protective efficacy (challenge) tests and product safety evaluations are carried out through accredited laboratories. 

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