Fomy Foam Soap
natural, antibacterial sensitive skin and classic

Foam Soap and General Cleaning Products

For fast and practical cleaning

Why Fomy?

  • It provides an ideal cleaning with its soft, creamy and high quality foam.
  • Classic is suitable for all needs with its natural and antibacterial varieties for sensitive skin.
  • Thanks to its special pump design, it combines with the air 20 times and turns into a silky foam.
  • It is much more economical and much healthier than liquid soaps.
Neden Fomy?
For complete cleaning

Why Paky ?

  • It is a powerful cleaner and removes the settled dirt from the fibers of the carpets and seats.
  • Thanks to the spray head during use, it allows more economical and more effective cleaning.
  • Thanks to special chemicals that do not contain solvents in their composition and have effective dirt-oil removal properties, it does not have a destructive and color-fading effect on the cleaned goods and used surfaces.
  • It cleans visible areas such as glass without leaving any stains.
100% hygiene

Why Cartridge System?

  • Fomy Cleaning Foam protects the product against viruses and bacteria as it is safely filled into special cartridges directly from the manufacture.
  • Cartridge Hygienic System; It provides safe, economical and healthy cleaning with its easy assembly, practical insertion of the cartridge and controlled use.
  • Ideal for intensive use.
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable polyethylene is preferred in the production of cartridge bottles.

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